Sunday, June 26, 2005

Anxious Feeling

Today's Prior return has been having me anxious all week. (i understand, I need to get a life) Well, he passed the first test and his arm didn't fall off after the first pitch. haven't written lately because I've said it all before. I cannot get over this lineup, especially the 1-2 hitters. I've said it, most of you have said it. Clearly Dusty doesn't know that the CBA exists and also isn't quite clear on how RBI's work. People need to be ON BASE to score. Poor D Lee might as well just take a walk every time up, at least that way Aramis can knock him in and maybe He'll win the batting title.

So, my next plan is to have all of us in the CBA write dusty a letter a day. "Fan Mail" if you will, with only one sentance.

"Hey Dusty, I can strike out 4 times every game, I think I'm ready to bat leadoff".

Hairston is Being Under-Utilized as well as Walker. I'd have to look it up but Walk has got to be one of our leaders in walks. So who's he getting on base for? Holly and Barrett.?

Like I said, its all been said, resaid, hashed and rehashed. My only question is, why isn't the Media getting on dusty any more? Maybe they are on Chicago talk radio, but I'm talking about the WGN guys, (wait, i know the answer to that), and ESPN? Harold reynolds goes on and on about how everyone loves to play for him. Has he asked Jerry Hairston, or Chad Fox how much they LOVE playing for dusty? I jsut saw them interviewing Sarge Matthews about Patterson and he said he's "excited" about the lineup and the Sox announcers were talking as if Patterson leading off was a good thing. They had to be chuckling to themselves after that interview. Maybe Ozzie, after today's game will talk with dusty and give him some advice about OBP, Walks, and the stat of RBI.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Somebody Needs some Bench Time

That's it, I'm done with Kkkkorey. He could even hit a game winning HR today and I would still feel the same way. That would of course mean that he didn't swing and miss at the ball, and that's just crazy talk. Someone please explain to me what Hairston Jr. has done so terribly wrong that he should be having to watch Korey bitch, moan, demand, request, and swing and miss........ repeat.

TRADE K PAT, trade him now, and if he's batting leadoff tomorrow, I'm going surfing in the Pacific. (I dont' know how to surf, and am not that great a swimmer)

1. Hariston
2. Walker
3. D Lee
4. Burny
5. Aramis
6. Neifi
7. Holly
8. Barret

How come we can all see this except for Dusty

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

What's a Walk??

You'd think that eventually, the cubs Batters would notice that when their pitchers throw 4 balls before they throw three strikes, they get to amble, saunter, jog, mosey, WALK, shuffle.... you get the point. They get to go to 1st base. 4 walks by jerome, 1 for the cubs, by Walker I might add, who then set was set up for Barrett and of these days, will dusty or clines tell these guys to take a couple of pitches, just to see what happens. My guess is we'll never know.

In other news, Lee and Aramis, wow and wow...

LEt's see if he sends Jerome out there for the 8th. I hope not, which means he probably will.


I read about it this afternoon but had to see it to believe it. Can anyone out there keep a straight face and give me a logical reason why Hollandsworth is batting 2 and walker 6?

I'm all ears.

Tuesday Thoughts

Well, I took the Weekend off from blogging because I really just didn't have much to say. So, here it is, What Happened?? Was it really that they got spooked because of Yankee stadium? I didn't get to see Saturday's game because of Fox and left on sunday once I saw that Mitre had finally found a lineup that could be patient. And we all know that Friday's loss was Dusty's fault.

Having said all that, Yesterday's win was big. Maddux battled and the defense made some awesome plays. I'm still not quite sure what happend on that double to Center. the one that hit half way up the wall and bounced into Burnitz' glove. Kkkkorey seems to be letting the offensive "slump" get to his fielding.

With rumors of Prior possibly starting on sunday, and Wood sometime next week, I guess we can just hold our breath and hope their arms don't fly off on the first pitch of the game. If they're going good, then who do we put in the pen for long relief. And what do we do w/ mitre and williams. I guess we'll see about williams tonight, but I think Mitre is ready to stay in the Bigs. I think Sunday the grounders just kept finding holes, he really didn't have a Bad outing.

So, if williams looks good, then We could: Trade williams, Put Mitre in the Rotation and Rusch as long reliever. I still haven't gotten to see this Hill guy pitch but maybe He could replace Bartosh as our young lefty. I keep going back and forth on what our biggest need is, but I think its gotta be the bench. Why is it that Macias keeps getting most of the PH attempts while Hairston just sits there? is there something else going on that we dont' know about? Do we need to call Dusty or Hendry and remind them that we got this guy for Sammy and if we're not going to use him, we should probably trade him before he goes sour on the shelf. Or a big bat in left field, putting holly on the bench so that Macias ISN"T our only lefty off the bench.

Quick thoughts: Can Griffey play Left Field?? I'd take an OF of Gridffey, Patt and Burny

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Saturday Sux

I'm going to stop posting mid-game because it makes me too mad to either be right or wrong. Unfortunately, I was right on two counts, but since I'm an eternal pessimist, it didnt' make me feel any better because it meant that the cubs lost the game. (# of walks Z gave up, not pulling z before the 7th)
Maybe Dusty was confused by the pitch count. Maybe he thought that every time the cubs turn double play, the 4 balls that preceeded it don't count. Whatever the case may be, on a day when clearly Zambrano was not on his game, and a day that the bullpen was plenty rested, there he was out there to start the 7th and at that point, I didn't even have to watch, I new how it was going to end. OF course I watched anyway because I like to torture myself.

Why does Dusty continue to trust his starters when they cannot be trusted. What might have worked was Wellemeyer working the 7th, Wuertz Working the 8th and Dempster in the 9th. Instead he leaves Z in to face the top of the Lineup. Sheffield doubles, then A rod takes a hanger back up the middle. So instead of 0 out, 0 on and a 2 run lead, now dusty's tapping his young bullpen with 1 out, 1 man on, and a 1 run lead, IN YANKEE STADIUM and up comes Matsui, a professional hitter, and we all know how it ended from there.

I think we all know that this is Dusty's last year in Chicago. Maybe we could get TB to throw in Huff with Uncle Lou and then we'd have something.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Well, there you have it

Well, I put the Over/Under at 5 walks, and took the over. Fortunately we're still winning the game so I can just feel good all over. But Z's sinker just was not working so I guess I'd take the walks over the HR's that would have ensued if half of those Balls had been strikes.

In other news, I'm sick of Brenley. Thinking of investing in the XM portable radio just so I don't have to listen to him and can listen to Ronnie S.

Here's to hoping Dusty doens't send Z out for the 7th. I mean they ONLY have 8 relievers in the pen.

I Just Don't Know....

Trade rumors abuzz and none of the rumored deals are ones I can get behind. The last BIG, mid-season impact move made by Hendry was for Lofton/Ramirez two years ago. Yes he got Lee for Choi but since then, his trades have either been "over-predicted" a-la Nomah, or dump-jobs a-la Lablow and Farnsy..(BTW, does anyone miss that guy? I kinda do. HE'S always had a place in my heart ever since his Body Slam of Paul Wilson in '03)

I dunno what to say, I just have an uneasy feeling and I don't know why. Something is missing on this team, but unfortunately, I think its too much. I've now gone from thinking that all they needed was one more outfielder, especially one that could lead off, to thinking that they also need another starter, and long-reliever. Of course, if they get another starter, and Wood/Prior actually can stay off the DL, then they can put Rusch back into long relief where he's always excelled.

I think, despite my best efforts, that Jim will keep KKKK Pat, but I also think he will get another corner outfielder thus (hopefully) making the bench stronger w/ Holly, however, he might even be able to get one more quality Bench guy.
But I think we're stuck with the Pitchers we have. Maybe Jerome williams will be the fix we're looking for, and maybe Wood's "new mechanics" will actually keep him good and in the Rotation the rest of the year, but if the first 2.5 monts have been indicator, we won't know how this season is going to end until the season ends. Until then, here's to hoping that they can lay a pounding on the Yanks just to make us all feel better.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Woozy Wednesday ;p

Alert to all cubs players>>>>>>Contrary to popular belief, the runs you score one night do not carry over to the next day. To me this game was lost in the first inning. The CUBS guess right, Dusty does the RIGHT thing, and Barret one-hops the throw on the pitch out, then, bfore the Cubs can even settle down, Pierre has stolen third and scored on a grounder.

HELLO Mr. Hendry, were you watching. If this series has not made it blatantly clear that the Cubs NEED to find that prototypical leadoff hitter, then I dont' know what will. I don't know if anyone remembers how the Cubs took off in '03 after picking up Lofton, but I sure as hell do. Neifi seems to be cooling off, though I am still enamoured with his defense. Hairston can cause havoc on the basebaths, but usually for himself, and KKKorey, well, you all know how I feel about him.
(BTW, did anyone notice Brenley's sort of Back Door insult of Patterson last night, saying that he doesn't change his approach regardless of where in the Lineup he's hitting. To me, that sounded kinda like a shot at KKorey, but Brenley disguised it enough to confuse Korey and not piss off dusty too much)

So, who are some Leadoff hitters out there?
I've got, Lofton, Kotsay, and I'm pretty sure the Marlins won't be dumping Pierre anytime soon unless they start to go in the tank.
(BTW part 2, where the hell were these blisters when Beckett was tearing up the Cubs in the LCS??) I'd love to call it Karma, but he still got to win a World Series, so its some kind of Reverse Backwards Cubs Karma a la Greg Maddux 1990-2003, Mark Grace 2001, Nomah '04-'05. These are just to name a few, I'm sure you guys can think of other examples. Okay, if I don't stop typing soon, I'm just going to give myself an Ulcer. So, off to Gotham they Galantly travel.

Over/Under on Walks Zambrano allows: 5 and I'll take the over. What happened to the "Calmer More Mature Carlos". Maybe he should spend less time thinking up nicknames for himself, and maybe, just maybe, Dempster should pass by Z's locker when he's handing out the Red Bull.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Bring Back our Outfield!!!

I just posted, so this won't be long, but there are two guys out there just dying to come back to the cubs. I know that this is usually "White Flag's " job, but here goes.

Kenny Lofton- Sitting on Bench In Philly, but having a pretty good season. I dunno who the phils have in CF, but maybe, just maybe,

Korey = Lofton + Lieber

And, out here, in sunny S.F., where Barry Bonds' flax seed oil seems to have lost its magic. Out there in left field, languishing on a BAD team is our main man Alooooo. The giants are trying to get younger, so lets help them. How bout this:

Korey + Kelton/Doobie+ Karonka= Moises + Schmidt

oh, btw, I hate Gary Sheffield and will have to keep from vomitting the first time and every time there-after that I see him in Cubby Blue. Did we forget that he frequented the same "Pharmacist" as Barry and Giambi?

Tuesday Turnaround

Here we are again, the Cubs look really good and then they drop two in a row in miserable fashion. Slowly but surely they're gaining ground on the cards. I dunno, Brenley can talk till he's blue in the face about quality at Bats, but when dubois can't move the runner over after a leadoff double, then these at bats are still Below quality. And, by the way, if someone wants to let me know what Holly's numbers are against Willis, I'm all ears. Never mind the fact that Walker should have been in the lineup, i'm pretty fuzzy on why Doobie (my new Dubois nickname because he looks stoned out there in left field) was starting yesterday. By the way, did you see the Slow-Mo shot of his one hop catch that "got caught in the lights". IS there any good traid-bait out there in the AL so this guy can relax and just hit?

Willis is a tricky lefty w/ a deceptive delivery, hey, lets start the rookie who's never seen him before just because he's a righty. Honestly, I think on any given night every member of the CBA could pick the cubs lineup, and have a chance at guessing Dusty's lineup.

So tonight we're looking for the Tuesday Turnaround against the cubs real nemesis from the '03NLCS. No, not the goat, no not Bartman, nope, not even Gonzo, yup that's right Josh Beckett, winner of game 5 and long reliever in game 7. I'm more worried that Dusty will start both Enrique and Macias in the same game than I am about the pitcher, but I'm still worried about the pitcher.

Yesterday also highlights the Cubs need for another starter. I dunno what all these trade talkers are smoking when they say we're deep at starting pitcher. Having rookies as two of your starters and one of them is Glendon Rusch, this does not exactly personify depth. They need to get on the phone and Grab up Schmidt or the Rocket before someone else does.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Hmmmm... Walker vs. Patterson

That's really all the Cubs lineup boils down to, especially against Lefties. I think we'd all agree that Hairston belongs in there, but since when has KKKKorey proven that he can handle a Lefty, let alone a good, deceptive lefty? I've never heard Patterson described as a "professional hitter" before, and that's usually what people say when talking about Walker.

I'm going back to the game, but if anyone can explain this one to me, WITHOUT being a Patterson apologist, I'm all ears!!

(and please don't say its because of Patterson's exceptional Centerfield defense vs. Walker's questionable 2nd base defense. I'm now referring to Saturdays game as Patterdome Gate. I know, not too catchy, but that was probably the silliest play i've ever seen, so it kinda deserves a silly name, don't you think?)

The Pitch is Up..... AND......

I know that making this post after the game shows that I have the clairvoyance of a phsychic with amnesia, but I just knew Wakefield was gonna be rough on the cubs. I mean, I think Kkkkkkorey actually swung at and missed the same pitch three times before it hit the catchers Mit. With an offense that has exhibited the patience of a 12 yr. old with ADD, any pitcher who's main attribute is that his pitches are slow and they go up and then down, I think we all should have expected what happened tonight.

What wasn't expected was the Cubs sub-par pitching performance. I believe that was the first time Rusch allowed more than Two ER's in his starts. I agree with the fact that we shouldn't be carrying so many pitchers. None of the relievers except for Wuertz are really sharp because they're all sharing playing time with each other. Though, I don't know exactly who they could bring up for the bench.

Hopefully the Marlins will stay mediocre until they leave chicago and the Yankees will all be in therapy by the time the cubs invade the bronx. This stretch of games is turning out to not be so bad. If they can keep taking 2 of three, should be in good shape. Let's see how Koronka does against a team that will make him throw strikes.

BTW, the reds sent Kearns down. Think they'd give him to us for Macias? Think hendry could pull that one off without giggling and blowing the whole thing??

Saturday, June 11, 2005

F**k Fox Part II

So, I live on the West coast, so I guess its my fault, but seriously, The A's vs. the Braves. Fox needs to understand that the Sox and Cubs have probably 2 of the 3 biggest followings in baseball. They need to make this a national game. Especially since it hasn't happened in 86 yrs.

So I'm stuck watching the thing on MLB gameday. Are Wellemeyer's pitches really as bad as those dots make it look?

I also heard during the First of Fox's Game Breaks that there is something wrong with Carlos' leg. Please tell me this isn't due to dusty letting him bat and getting a single. They could have used a pinch-hit there, rather than have their struggling Ace trying to be a hero at the plate.

I'm gonna go back to watching Dots on the computer screen and hop that this snore of a game on Fox will end soon. Course, they'll probably switch to the Yanks-Cards knowing my luck.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Sucky Scheduling

I just posted this as a comment to a Pirates fan who was B***ing about the Pirates interleague schedule. The next month on the cubs schedule really has me just a tad bit worried. And they still haven't gotten to the real emotional series' against the Cardinals which are always draining for me. I don't know how the players do it!.

----A couple things to say:
A. The schedule will never be "Fair" it just can't be.
B. Every year, the interleague schedule is as such: Usually two series' against Regional rivals, one home and one away. Then 2-3 more Serie's against a given division. This year the NL Central is matched up against the NL East. Yes, away against yankees and Sox is not a great draw, but any time you get the Devil Rays is almost like beign given 3 games, and I believe you also just complained about "Having" to play Colorado again.
C. I noticed you picked the Reds and Phillies as Comparison teams. Had you checked out the Cub's schedule you would have found a similar situation to the Bucs.
They've Got 1 home series vs. Blue jays. Above .500
1 Home series against Sox. Above .500
1 Away series against Yankees, (honestly I think both our teams just got Immensly lucky that they drew the Yanks this of all years.
Oh, and by the way, the Cubs "regional rival" happens to be the Best team in Baseball this year. The White Sox.
So every one of their interleage games will come against either a Contending team, or In Yankee stadium. YOu wanna check out schedule unfairness, go to this site and check out the cubs schedule between now and the all star break.

You wanna really investigate something. You and I should both be asking why the NL central teams drew the AL east only 2 years after they had them before. '03. Maybe its because most of the Central teams "regional rivals" are in the AL central so they take care of it that way, but it still seems fishy. ----

Friday Frenzy!!!

Its Finally FRIDAY!!!! I was bummed being at work during today's Whooping but it was nice to see. I remember looking at the Cubs upcoming schedule before the Padres series and just getting nauseaus, but It hasn't been that bad. So far they're 5-3 vs. the Pads, Jays and Sox. And given the way the cubs were playing back then, I would have gladly paid good money to go 5-3 against those three teams. I thought it was pretty funny how fast everyone got back on the Bad Season Bandwagon after that 4-6 loss to the Jays. Wow, one game and the cubs turn-around is a fluke huh?? But it wasn't just that winning streak. I'd have to check, but I think that the cubs have had the Best record in baseball over the past month. A month ago, that 4-6 loss wouldn't have looked so bad, it would have looked normal. Just think back to how TERRIBLE these guys were in the beginning part of May.

Three positive things that can't be disputed-
1. Lee is quietly staying Hot but is hasn't mattered cause the rest of the Lineup is improving.
2. Ramirez is heating up just when the word is getting out about Lee
3. Barret is coming out of his slump in a big way!!!

Three trade needs:

1. Get rid of Patterson- don't care who they get in return, but i'd like to See WILLY MO or Griffey Jr. (I really like the Name WILLY MO) I also liked someone's idea of grabbing Kotsay from the A's
2. Starting Pitcher- Did anyone see the bandage on Wood's arm after his SIM Game?? You cannot tell me that's normal. I know that when Wood and Prior come back they'll have one of the Best rotations in the league, but that statement just gives me Deja Vu and I'm the one typing it!! Pick up one proven veteren who can always double as a swing-man. Maybe even another young Stud. Ie. Chacon from the Rockies. Who to trade?? I dunno. Remlinger, Macias, Hairston, Koronka.
3. One more proven Bench Player- I liked someone's idea of getting Matt Stairs. Refresh my memor, wasn't he on the CUBS once before?

Other than that, I think the cubs are in great Position to make a run on the Cardinals (if they can beat them head to head this year) and definitely could run away with the Wild card with the NL east teams Beating up on each other. But they'll need more parts if they're serious about going deep in the Playoffs.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Fire Corey Patterson!!!

Or trade him for that bag of Doritos we might be able to get for him... either way, I want him out of the pantry by the weekend.
Say what you want about the play in the top of the 8th, if he doesn't make the error in the 5th and/or he gets at least a single in the bot. of the 7th, then the play in the 8th doesn't matter.

2 wrongs plus one right does not a right make. (at least I think that's what Yoda once said)

Here it is:
Today's "Corey trade of the day": Patterson to Houston , Clemens to Chicago

Your thoughts???

Monday, June 06, 2005

Lemons Vs. Scabs

Remember during the 11 run game, Brenley kept talking about Dusty rotating in some of the bench players. What a ridiculuous Idea. I mean if Dusty had done that, they would have been too tired to ALL START TODAY!!! I guess we should just be thankful that he didnt' start Enrique Wilson at third and Todd Hollandsworth at 1st. Hopefully Dusty might have learned that just because the opposing Pitcher is a lefty, doesn't necessarily mean he has to start all available right handers. Hell, even I knew Chacin had good stuff. ( I know because he used to be on my fantasy team and I traded him away, but I digress)

Anyone want to join a "When will Corey be traded Pool"? I've got dibs on July 1.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Get off of Neifii

I just put this as a comment to someone who truly doens't know a good thing when he sees it and seems to just be a reactionary cubs fan, but I wanted to share it with the rest of you.

At some point, people are going to have to stop using Neifi as their BlogoShpere whipping boy and thank their lucky stars that we have him.

Stop hating on players just because they weren't that good in Kansas City. Last time I checked, lots of players sucked in Kansas City, because Kansas City sucks. I'm just sick of people hating on people who clearly are helping the team. Worry about next year next year, for now, just be happy he's here. He seems to be the only Vocal Leader out there. Let him do his job. ohhh, and as i type, he just got his Thrid hit of the game.

And lastly, next year,God willing. Nomar will back and starting and neifi can be another super sub.

If I were all of you getting on neifi's case, I'd be much more worried about a centerfielder who couldn't hit a curveball if it were on a T. (yes I know curve balls can't be on tee's but you know what I mean).

Friday, June 03, 2005

Putting the K back in Corey Patterson

Okay, I know there's no K in there, but there might as well be. I have now fallen off the Corey Patterson Bandwagon, and have gotten kicked in the N**ts a couple times on the way down.
This game is a perfect example of his ineptitude. In the second inning, when they really had a chance of getting the padres on the ropes, he strikes out swinging at a pitchers pitch when you knwe they dind't want to put him on. Lucklily the cubs did break through that inning so I could get down off the ledge. Then, he walks with two out and nobody on, (which is great by the way) steals a base, advances to third. Imagine if he had caused that kind of havoc with other men on, or less than one out??

Then again in the 8th when the cubs have a chance against the bullpen, he goes down swinging.

There was a brief time there, maybe no more than about a year and a half, when I whinced when sammy went to bat in an important spot of a game. And I felt bad, this was our superstar and here I am getting anxious that he might strike out. But for as many times as he made me feel bad for feeling that way by launching one, ie Game one against the Marlins, more times than not, he struck out.

Corey is not Sammy Sosa. But what he lacks in pure dominance as a power hitter, he makes up for (allegedly) with his speed and athleticism. Its time to stop talking about Corey's Potential and start talking about his untapped potential. Move him out while he's still got some value.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Wednesday Wishings

Wow, last night was the first game in a while where I KNEW they were gonna blow it somehow, some way, and then DIDN'T!!! I felt like Dodger Stadium was in the Twilight zone for those three hours. A combined one hit over 10 innings, and the amazing part, is that zambrano didn't pitch two of those innings. Amazing for two reasons, one, that the relievers did an outstanding job, again, but two, Dusty actually pulled Z just at the right time.

Random thoughts: Doesn't it look like Carlos always has to Pee when he's pitching. He just makes me anxious. Why was Blanco catching last night? I mean, its not like Barret isn't absolutely crushing the ball, and oh by the way, has caught Z the last two years. Seems like that passed ball was unnecessary is all I'm saying. Does a SS have to be the opening day starter to be considered for A. the All star game, and B. a gold glove. Name me a short stop in the NL doing a better job than Neifi right now. You just cannot do it. If D-Lee stays even in the top 5 in the triple crown cats, and the cubs stay close, he has got to get the MVP.

So today we'll see what this K guy can do. Luckily, he's breaking in with a slumping dodgers team, but I'm still convinced that they have to make a move for another starter. I would say put Dempster back as a starter, but he seems to like closing and these rookies in the Pen are finally starting to get some confidence which is awesome. By the way, when do we get to see JoBo again?

So, here's to wishing for the first sweep AND 6 game win streak of the year.