Sunday, August 26, 2007

Cluster f***k in the OF

With the rosters about to expand and Sori about to return, this cub fan is worried.
I'm still in shock regarding the lineup deceisions Loupa made against the giants.
If you're going to have murton up, you need to play him every night. Screw the matchup implications, he has proven that when he gets to start every night, he can find his rhythm.
Jake Fox had all of one good game in his stint with the big boys and aside from two nice HR's, i dont' trust Daryl Ward to man anything that doesn't involve the clubhouse food spread.

So what happens when Sori gets back. Clearly we will have too many outfielders. I know that the prevailing theory is that bench guys need to start every once in a while, but my theory is that sometimes, bench guys need to be just that, Bench guys. THey need to get used to that role as much as the starters need to get used to their roles. How is murton supposed to get into a rhythm if he's on the bench every other night, or 2 out of every 3 nights?

Floyd, Monroe, Ward are experienced enough to be quite valuable pinch hitters.
Godenot, Pie, Ronny late inning defensive and pinch running substitutions.
And let derosa be the guy who gives the "real starters" a break.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Me and My Bro

Nothing new to report, just trying to get this piture onto my blog. But i swear i just heard bob brenley say that you dont lose much defensively if you rest DLee and Aram on the same day. I'm intrigued as to how drunk the gerbil spinning the wheel in his brain really is today. This pic was taken 2 summers ago waiting for the L. i cannot for the life of me remember who they were playing that day but i do remember it was hot as ballz and I think they won

The Kendall trade Day 1

Pretty unimpressive for the following reasons
1.Kendall known for patience at plate and vs. zito, NO CUB walked, but kendall definitely didnt
2. chance for put out at home and he fumbled the ball
3. 2 wild pitches though the Marmol one was absolutely ridiculous
4. Kendall also known for ability to "frame" pitches well, yet the Cub pitchers received virtually no Borderline strike calls . (the ump was being pretty stingy but still)

I know one game is not a good sampling, and i still like the trade in principal, lets hope he got his opening day jitters out.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Ken Griffey + DLEe equals World Serees

Yes, i know i mispelled that, but it was for the sake of rhyming
Like shakespeare never had weird spellings for crap
So, with all this talk of Griffey having to be traded and the lack of a "true" centerfielder, why would the cubs NOT go after Jr?? They've got some talent to trade away and they also have Jock. ooh, sick burn on jock.

I love this cubs team and I wish that Cliff were less fragile than Sammy J. was in "unbreakable" but whatev. Keep Darryl Ward, Pagan, Cliff and Derosa platooning in RF/off bench and get Jr. bat him 5th and take home the trophy.

ps. am i the only one who thinks it would be mildly entertaining to see Sammy back in RF for the pennant run? How bout calling of the the rangers, and getting Lofton and Sammy for i dunno, Wood. They are almost just that dumb.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Long Live the Lillyhammer

Me and some folk were talking about this yesterday
"Lillyhammer" has got to be ted lilly's nickname

Thoughts on first series. Z- still a had case Bullpen- still shaky, Marquis and Lillyhammer- worth the money, Uncle lou- jury still out

Lets get our hitters going in Milwaukee

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I'm Back With Polls

Hehe, its funny cause it Says Polls.

Anyways, Cublogger is back in business. with a renewed sense of energy

Put up some new polls and a theory on Z's performance. Hope you all read

Call me a sinic but...Big Z is a Baby!

Big Z is a baby.
Am i the only one who saw today's performance coming? The cubs need to sign this head-case before he lays another egg. To put it bluntly, Z sucked today because of his contract negotiations. Having extended the deadline with hopes of a quick settlement, Z went into today's game trying win himself some more money. In trying to make one last "impression" on the cubs brass, he pushed, over-worked and flat out sucked out there today.

Not to say that if he had been signed it would have been any better, or even if they hadn't extended the deadline. Z shouldn't be the opening day starter because he's too emtional and too immature with his whole approach.

He abandoned all thoughts of giving up fewer walks as soon as he got on that mound and tried to earn himself another. 5 million

The cubs better sign him soon, before he "throws" another game.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Jacque for a Pitcher

Is there anyone out there who thinks we couldnt' get a number 3 or 4 starter for Jacque Jones.

I think we're fine at the corners without him. I really like Mamu and the cubs need to keep him in the lineup. He actually knows what a Ball looks like

We have enough power, we do NOT have enough OBP guys yet. Unless you can get jacque to play center field

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Somebody Must GO!!!

I know this is reactionary, and I know that there are people out there who are going to disagree
but I'm sorry, someone has got to be fired.

I don't care who, I need to see something different. I just saw the pitch count total from today's 9-0 reaming and I almost vomitted.

How can dusty not impose a "you must take at least one pitch rule"

So I don't care who it is, but its gotta be soon. If steinbrenner's team was ever this bad mid-may, do you think that The Pitching Coach, Manager, hitting Coach and GM would all still have their jobs.

I can think of multiple reasons why each of them should be fired, and really wouldn't mind if we got rid of the lot, and started all over. Worked for the Marlins three years ago and the astros 2 years ago.