Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Fire Jim Hendry

How did he NOT see this coming??? How can anyone let a whole season rest on the assumption that Wood and Prior would be healthy?? He already knew that wood would be "pre-damaged" goods coming off of surgery and has he actually met Mark Prior? the man who more and more resembles Samuel Jackson's character in Unbreakable.

There were so many available starters last offseason, that to not have signed just one of them, should go down as one of the worst "non-moves" ever.

So here we are with Jerome Williams and Glendon Rusch being forced to give up their perma-seats at the clubhouse food table, and start 40% of the games.

The cubs have younger options and they need to use them now, because their older

options should have reached their expiration date. But hey, how could anyone have forseen this problem??

In the Cubs version of this movie, we know who Sam Jackson's Character would be, so would Mad Dog be Bruce Willis?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Cockiness? Callousness? Crapiness!

So, after a huge, uplifting and momentum swinging series vs. St. Louis, the cubs come out and lay not just an egg, an egg would have been too perfect....

Rusch seen here sniffing the crap residue
left on his hands

.....they laid a big fat turd on wrigley field today against at best a mediocre team and mediocre pitcher.
So, were they cocky, did they take start taking the division for granted?
The main problem obviously was Michelin Man Glendon Rusch. The 2nd problem is that when the wind is blowing out, the cubs don't even attempt small ball. Do they know that walks and singles are just as good with the wind blowing out? Notice the cubs netted exactly ZERO walks.

So, the moral of the story, the cubs need to play solid baseball regardless of the weather, and the cubs need to call up Hill or Guzman BEFORE rusch's next start!!!

I Found Missy Stark!!!

Rachel Nichols, you've been bumped to #2.
How sad a day it was when the sultry sexy blonde, Melissa Stark, stopped gracing the MNFscreens,
Nichols, still holding strong at #2

Well, blame it on vacation, but while watching MSNBC, I found myself thinking "DAMN she's hot!"
and then, wait a minute, those lips, that hair, its Missy!!!

Warm up the Tivo, i'm back in love!!!

Missy, once lost, now found.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Random Ramblings

I hate off days, but today's was just made the best off day ever with the announcement that DLee has finally been signed. Hazaaa.... seriously, I'm extatic.

In a article, Hairston is already starting to bemoan the 2nd base situation. You had to see that coming. Although I can't stand Neifi starting, he has more bench value than hairston because he can play more positions and switch-hits.

I'm not so much worried about the situation turning ugly, but it could turn into a waste of resources when we could possibly package hairston or walker along with Hill/Guzman for a solid #2** starter. (**Insert poop joke here) I hate these seasons where its "Wait for Prior and Wood" and then they come back for like two combined starts, go back on the shelf and we've lost any possible trading positioning we had earlier in the season. I still don't trust Williams or Williamson, so get another starter, have Rusch be the swing man, and option the Williamsonses to the grounds crew.

Anyways, I'm going to raise a glass to Hendry and DLee and worry about tomorrow tomorrow.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

WTF is taking so long

Now, maybe now, that Hendry has been given his contract, dude can concentrate on locking down one of the best players in the game?? Is anyone else becoming more and more skeptical about how close they really are. I mean, how can you be "very close/ wrapping up lose ends" for a month?

Seriously, how was this not finished last november?? The Cubs need to get their heads out of their collective asses and give him whatever he wants RIGHT NOW. because you know, if he plays out this season, his stock will be so high that the cubs might not be able (cough) willing to keep him.

Lets face it, its not like this is a Franchise known for making the smart move early and saving themselves trouble/money. (see greg maddux circa 1990, matt clement).

So Please, Chicago "Braintrust". (and I'm using that term very liberally) Give the man the extra whatever that he wants so we can all sleep a little better tonight.

ps. anyone else thinking that a 3 way deal involving Prior for Zito is not looking so bad right now?

Monday, April 03, 2006

Murton needs a nickname.

We have ARam, Dlee, Big Z, Mad Dog....but Matt Murton is a mouthful and I have a feeling we're going to be saying/typing it a lot this year. Here's a few I had in mind.
Feel Free to make suggestions.

"he's not Holly"
"the anti Burnitz"
"Mean Matt Murton"
"Double M"

this one I actually like the best, it came from a dude named Brick, from online conversation today.


No More Neifi?!?!?!?!

Call Me a Neifi hater. Go ahead, do it. And congrats to him for getting an RBI single. Lets just hope that Dusty remembers that a lot of "dudes" got RBI's today.

I'm fine with Neifi on the bench. He switch hits. Can play many positions, and has good AB's almost every time up. But he needs to stay on the bench. How comforting was it to see the youngsters for the Cubbies coming through. Pagan, Murton and Cedeno all made great contributions.

Lets just hope that today's game wasn't just an "experiment" for dusty and we keep seeing the young guys get a chance, and hit some hit and runs.