Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Me and My Bro

Nothing new to report, just trying to get this piture onto my blog. But i swear i just heard bob brenley say that you dont lose much defensively if you rest DLee and Aram on the same day. I'm intrigued as to how drunk the gerbil spinning the wheel in his brain really is today. This pic was taken 2 summers ago waiting for the L. i cannot for the life of me remember who they were playing that day but i do remember it was hot as ballz and I think they won

The Kendall trade Day 1

Pretty unimpressive for the following reasons
1.Kendall known for patience at plate and vs. zito, NO CUB walked, but kendall definitely didnt
2. chance for put out at home and he fumbled the ball
3. 2 wild pitches though the Marmol one was absolutely ridiculous
4. Kendall also known for ability to "frame" pitches well, yet the Cub pitchers received virtually no Borderline strike calls . (the ump was being pretty stingy but still)

I know one game is not a good sampling, and i still like the trade in principal, lets hope he got his opening day jitters out.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Ken Griffey + DLEe equals World Serees

Yes, i know i mispelled that, but it was for the sake of rhyming
Like shakespeare never had weird spellings for crap
So, with all this talk of Griffey having to be traded and the lack of a "true" centerfielder, why would the cubs NOT go after Jr?? They've got some talent to trade away and they also have Jock. ooh, sick burn on jock.

I love this cubs team and I wish that Cliff were less fragile than Sammy J. was in "unbreakable" but whatev. Keep Darryl Ward, Pagan, Cliff and Derosa platooning in RF/off bench and get Jr. bat him 5th and take home the trophy.

ps. am i the only one who thinks it would be mildly entertaining to see Sammy back in RF for the pennant run? How bout calling of the the rangers, and getting Lofton and Sammy for i dunno, Wood. They are almost just that dumb.