Thursday, April 05, 2007

Long Live the Lillyhammer

Me and some folk were talking about this yesterday
"Lillyhammer" has got to be ted lilly's nickname

Thoughts on first series. Z- still a had case Bullpen- still shaky, Marquis and Lillyhammer- worth the money, Uncle lou- jury still out

Lets get our hitters going in Milwaukee

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I'm Back With Polls

Hehe, its funny cause it Says Polls.

Anyways, Cublogger is back in business. with a renewed sense of energy

Put up some new polls and a theory on Z's performance. Hope you all read

Call me a sinic but...Big Z is a Baby!

Big Z is a baby.
Am i the only one who saw today's performance coming? The cubs need to sign this head-case before he lays another egg. To put it bluntly, Z sucked today because of his contract negotiations. Having extended the deadline with hopes of a quick settlement, Z went into today's game trying win himself some more money. In trying to make one last "impression" on the cubs brass, he pushed, over-worked and flat out sucked out there today.

Not to say that if he had been signed it would have been any better, or even if they hadn't extended the deadline. Z shouldn't be the opening day starter because he's too emtional and too immature with his whole approach.

He abandoned all thoughts of giving up fewer walks as soon as he got on that mound and tried to earn himself another. 5 million

The cubs better sign him soon, before he "throws" another game.