Sunday, November 13, 2005

Idea for the Infield

1B D Lee
2nd Base - Walker/ Nomah Platoon
SS- Cedeno/Nomah/ Neifi Platoon
3B- Aramis/Nomah Platoon

Okay I know thats a lot of platooning, but anyone who's followed the Cubs the past 2 years knows that the Probability of Nomah, Aramis and Walker being healthy at the same time on any given days is equal that of Kerry Wood and Mark Prior being.......
I rest my case.

Above Solution:
A. saves Money
B. ensures that Nomar will Play when Healthy but cubs have a plan when he's not.
C. Cedeno/Walker infield is solid defensively and a good 1-2 Combo
D. When Neifi is in lineup, gives cubs an OB threat in the bottom of the order
E. Money Could be Spent on 2 Outfielders and 2, that's right 2 Starters.

Hot Stove Lukewarm for Cubs

After taking a couple of well needed months off from this debacle known as the Chicago cubs, it is now once again my favorite time of year! When next year is almost upon us and the Cubs are actually .500 for 3 straight months.

First lets say how conflicted I was watching the White Sox in the world series. Now I know that I'm supposed to hate and root against the White Sox on sheer principal. even got my first Sox Sux shirt this summer. But here's a couple reasons that made it hard not to root for the Sox. Not only were they playing the Astros who I hate only slightly less than the Cardinals. But this team is FUN TO WATCH. as opposed to their North Side Bretheren who even in victory require 6 beers and two sedatives BEFORE they get to their bullpen. I wrote this pretty early in the summer and it sums up my thoughts on this whole cubs/sox "Rivalry". BTW this was posted on Aug. 8

I watched today's game with my "SUX" Jersey on, purchased after Prior beat Pitt after the break. My Mom said, "You know you'll root for them if they get to the series". Of course I shrugged her off but lately its become quite apparent that this hatred of the Sux possessed by all Cub Fans is more irrational than ever before, and almost rooted out of jealousy. I'm not jealous that they are winning and we're not, though if they win the series after the Red Sox last year, I'm quite sure I'll move to Mongolia and become a monk. But dammit, they play good baseball. How frustrating is it that in the two years since BartGate, the SUX have gone from being the Twin's whipping boy to the best team in baseball. They run the bases well, play great defense, know how to bunt and have a manager who will actually get after his players.
Somehow, the Southsiders figured otu how to win faster than Dusty can figure out what OBP means.

So now its Hot Stove League TIme. 3 days ago Peter Gammons reported that Furcal was definitely going to the Cubs and that it'd be done relatively quickly. Well the latest on Chicago indicates that the Cubs may not be willing to give him the money he wants. But hey they have resigned walker and neifi to two year contracts. The Cubs should just chance their Motto to, "why pay for 5 years of an all star SS when, we can get an average short stop for half the time" In fact, if you look closer at that Articleon Cubs. Com Hendry says

"We've got a lot of priorities," he said Tuesday. "We've got a lot of things that need to get better. If you start prioritizing early, then it will not enable you to get a guy like [Derrek] Lee."

In other words, "we Got lucky with Derek Lee, so if we do the smart Needed thing early, we many not get lucky late" I don't know about Hendry, but I'd rather be good than lucky and to me that one statement shows how Sub-Par of a GM he really is. YOU DON"T WAIT FOR PEOPLE TO CALL YOU WHEN YOU NEED 4-5 NEW POSITION PLAYERS!!!!! Okay, I'm going to watch the Bears. First game fo theirs I'll see all Year until the -----------