Sunday, August 26, 2007

Cluster f***k in the OF

With the rosters about to expand and Sori about to return, this cub fan is worried.
I'm still in shock regarding the lineup deceisions Loupa made against the giants.
If you're going to have murton up, you need to play him every night. Screw the matchup implications, he has proven that when he gets to start every night, he can find his rhythm.
Jake Fox had all of one good game in his stint with the big boys and aside from two nice HR's, i dont' trust Daryl Ward to man anything that doesn't involve the clubhouse food spread.

So what happens when Sori gets back. Clearly we will have too many outfielders. I know that the prevailing theory is that bench guys need to start every once in a while, but my theory is that sometimes, bench guys need to be just that, Bench guys. THey need to get used to that role as much as the starters need to get used to their roles. How is murton supposed to get into a rhythm if he's on the bench every other night, or 2 out of every 3 nights?

Floyd, Monroe, Ward are experienced enough to be quite valuable pinch hitters.
Godenot, Pie, Ronny late inning defensive and pinch running substitutions.
And let derosa be the guy who gives the "real starters" a break.


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