Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Fire Jim Hendry

How did he NOT see this coming??? How can anyone let a whole season rest on the assumption that Wood and Prior would be healthy?? He already knew that wood would be "pre-damaged" goods coming off of surgery and has he actually met Mark Prior? the man who more and more resembles Samuel Jackson's character in Unbreakable.

There were so many available starters last offseason, that to not have signed just one of them, should go down as one of the worst "non-moves" ever.

So here we are with Jerome Williams and Glendon Rusch being forced to give up their perma-seats at the clubhouse food table, and start 40% of the games.

The cubs have younger options and they need to use them now, because their older

options should have reached their expiration date. But hey, how could anyone have forseen this problem??

In the Cubs version of this movie, we know who Sam Jackson's Character would be, so would Mad Dog be Bruce Willis?


At 10:53 PM, Blogger Dan said...

whats funny is 3 years later hendry is still making stupid mistakes by letting key guys go and bring in trash disruptive players.. still gotta fire him


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